Electrolux: mapping the future of home appliances

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  • Product innovation
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Shop-alongs and co-creation
  • Concept testing
  • Shopper insights
  • Conjoint analysis

Electrolux has always been an industry innovator, and we’ve worked with them over the years on a number of innovation and customer experience projects – exploring the future of various home appliances and mapping the consumer journey when shopping for them.

Our innovation projects spanned different stages of the product development cycle: testing full-scale 3D mock-ups to help consumers envision the product in their home routines, facilitating design mash-ups for consumer co-creation, or performing conjoint analysis to pinpoint the impact of different features on purchases. In our customer experience work, we’ve used qualitative approaches such as shop-alongs to identify key touchpoints, drivers, and barriers along the customer journey while we turned to quantitative methods for sizing and prioritizing these touchpoints at each stage of the journey.

Our work with Electrolux has shaped product development in a number of categories from ideation to positioning and messaging. And, through our customer experience work, we’ve helped set the stage for market success through recommendations on how to accelerate the path to purchase.

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