Nickelodeon: decoding a brand’s essence – SpongeBob Forever

Expertise - Kids and Families
  • Kids and families
  • In-home and digital ethnographies
  • Brand positioning
  • Focus groups

Over a decade after first helping Nickelodeon strategize SpongeBob SquarePants, their team came back asking us to help them understand why SpongeBob’s popularity has endured and uncover the recipe for continued success.

Through online SpongeBlogs, in-home family ethnographies, and brandstorming focus groups, we uncovered a holistic understanding of SpongeBob’s brand essence, including how and why audiences emotionally connect with the great yellow uniter.

We provided Nick with a catchy story and actionable brand strategy, as well as brand elasticity guidelines and brand expansion opportunities. This study was nominated for Best Case Study at the CTAM awards.

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