Syfy: charting growth in an expanding genre universe

Solutions - Media and Entertainment
  • Genre and landscape study
  • Video ethnographies
  • Expert interviews
  • Segmentation and audience profiling
  • Observational qualitative
  • Quantitative research

Already a leading influencer in the world of sci-fi, Syfy came to us looking to understand how the genre and its audiences are evolving in order to create a future-proof brand and growth strategy.

To provide a clear view of the sci-fi landscape, we crafted a multi-method research approach that kicked off with sci-fi expert interviews – with academics and bloggers – for a macro perspective. We followed with a broad consumer exploration that consisted of group discussions, participant observation at Comic-Con, and video self-nographies that gave us a rich understanding of sci-fi fandom and different levels of engagement. Finally, we used a nationwide genre and audience survey that tested hypotheses coming out of our qualitative exploration to identify core segments and chart opportunities for brand evolution.

Our work culminated in two areas of recommendations for charting the future course of the Syfy brand: our genre insights informed Syfy positioning as well as content and programming decisions while the sci-fi audience segmentation defined core targets as well as marketing and communications strategies for them.

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